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Discover the Power of Open Lite Speed

Open Lite Speed stands at the forefront of web server technology, offering a remarkable blend of speed, efficiency, and scalability.  Its event-driven architecture is tailored for handling high-traffic loads with ease, ensuring that your website remains swift and responsive under any conditions. Unlike traditional web servers like Apache, Open Lite Speed excels in handling concurrent connections, making it particularly effective for dynamic content. This is crucial for modern, interactive websites where user experience is paramount. Additionally, its built-in cache mechanism is optimized for WordPress, providing an out-of-the-box solution for accelerating website loading times.

Enterprise Performance

As an open-source variant of the renowned LiteSpeed Enterprise Server, it brings enterprise-level performance to your website without the hefty price tag.

The LSCache Plugin

The Only Caching Plugin You’ll Need. LSCache communicates directly with Open Lite Speed and Redis, allowing for efficient, server-level cache management. This results in a significant performance boost, outpacing most paid and free caching plugins on the market.

Bleeding Edge Technologies

Our service is at the forefront of hosting innovation, embracing the latest technologies to deliver exceptional performance. We paired  Open Lite Speed with the advanced capabilities of MariaDB 11.1 and PHP 8.3, while leveraging Redis for optimized database caching.

The WordPress Manager

We’ve taken the already powerful Softaculous WordPress Manager and turbocharged it for your needs. Our custom-modified version is meticulously tailored to optimize your WordPress experience from the get-go

User-Friendly Interface

We’ve refined the user interface to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. Whether you’re a seasoned web developer or a first-time website owner, setting up your WordPress site becomes a straightforward and enjoyable process.

Seamless Integration

Our version integrates seamlessly with the latest web technologies, including Open Lite Speed, MariaDB 11.1, Redis and  Memcached. This means every aspect of your WordPress site is harmonized with the server environment.

Enhanced Security

With security as a top priority, our custom Softaculous installer incorporates the latest security measures. This proactive approach ensures your WordPress site is fortified against threats from day one.

Enhanced Backups

Safety and Efficiency Combined

We understand the critical importance of data security and ease of recovery. That’s why we’ve designed a multi-tiered backup system to safeguard your website at every level. With WordPress Elite, rest assured that your website’s data is not just backed up; it’s secured with a robust, multi-dimensional approach that prioritizes speed, safety, and user preference.

Rapid Internal Backups

For each website you own, we provide a dedicated, ultra-fast internal backup slot. This feature ensures immediate backups of your site, allowing for swift and hassle-free recovery.

Weekly System Backups

In addition to the internal backups, we run a weekly comprehensive system backup. This process is carried out through our external private server, designed to offer an additional layer of data protection.

Google Drive, Amazon S3 & Onedrive Integration

Empowering you with control, we offer the functionality to integrate your own backup systems for even yet another backup layer. Whether you prefer Google Drive for its accessibility or OneDrive for its integration with Microsoft products, our platform seamlessly connects with these services. This means you have the freedom to choose your extra backup destination, giving you added flexibility and peace of mind.

Why choose WordPress Elite

Our dedication to superior performance and security is foundational, never secondary to profits. We pledge to uphold these values.

Seamless integration of Open Lite Speed & LSCache offers a turbocharged browsing experience, setting your site apart in the competitive digital arena.

Redis is available for Object Cache (Database) as soon as you enable the LSCache plugin.

Robust, layered backup system, including both internal rapid backups and comprehensive weekly backups, guarantees peace of mind, knowing your digital assets are safe and easily recoverable.

Flexibility to integrate your preferred backup solutions like Google Drive or OneDrive, we put control back in your hands.

Our genuine, human-centric support, where you receive attentive and personalized care, ensuring your hosting experience is smooth and your inquiries are always met with expert solutions.

Our Bare-Metal Approach

Pure dedicated servers
No virtualization

Unlike many traditional hosting services, we steer clear of common resource management methods like Docker containers, cgroups, or full virtualization. Here’s why this matters:

Our Bare-Metal Solution

We base our service on pure bare-metal servers. This means no additional layers between your website and the hardware. It’s akin to giving each website its own private highway – no traffic, no delays. You get direct access to the server’s full capabilities.

No Resource Limitations

By avoiding virtualization, we eliminate the overhead that comes with it. There’s no need for hypervisors or container management systems, which means all of the server’s processing power and memory are dedicated to running your website.

Resource Contention

In a shared hosting environment using virtualization or containerization, multiple instances compete for the same CPU resources. This is known as “resource contention”. In technical terms, each virtualized instance or container might not get the full power it needs when it needs it, leading to inefficiencies and potential performance bottlenecks.


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